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The Pit Stop team is composed of several animal lovers who are committed to giving your furry family members compassionate and reliable care. Whether you’re working long hours, taking a vacation, or simply just need an extra hand, we’re here to help!

Below are some of the services we have to offer:

Dog Walking
Dog Walking

Do you work long hours? Dread having to take your dog out after a long day? Feel guilty leaving your dog home alone while you are away? Worry no more!

We provide dog walking services for all breeds. Whether your dog needs a quick 15 minute potty break or prefers an hour long stroll through the park, we’re happy to spend time with your pooch while you’re away!

Pack Hikes
dog-walking in nature

Pack hikes are an excellent way to burn energy, work on leash manners and build socialization skills while enjoying time out in nature. Our one hour hikes are designed to teach dogs how to work together in a pack setting while extensively working the body and mind. All hikers are kept on leash, and all social levels are welcome. We hope to see you in the hills!

Not sure if your dog is a candidate for a pack hike? No problem! Contact us for a free assessment.

Pet Sitting

Do you dream of traveling but worry about leaving your pet behind? Are you scared your pet will not do well in a kennel environment? This is exactly why we offer in home pet sitting!

We know pets are happiest sand healthiest while residing in the comfort of their own home, and we want to keep it that way. Our pet sitting team is highly trained to care for pets while their parents are away. We offer a 11-12 hour overnight “sleepover” which includes: dinner, an after dinner walk or playtime (client’s choice), overnight stay, and breakfast in the morning followed by a morning walk or playtime. Overnight stays can be booked in conjunction with walks and/or daycare. As always, let us know your needs and we are happy to create a package just for you!

Pet Taxi

Does your dog have a date with the groomer? Or need a check up at the vet? Most of these services take place during workday hours, making it difficult for some pet owners to fit such appointments into their busy schedules. We can help! Just let us know where your animal needs to go, and what time he/she needs to be there, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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